Up Lighting

When choosing up lights to enhance the decor of a room, there is one thing you need to be very aware of. There are two types of up lights.


Atlanta DJ

There are the LED up lights. This is what we offer. You can choose red, green, blue, aqua/turquoise, lavender, gold/yellow, amber and plain white.

These lights shine all the way up the wall and bounce off the ceiling. Normally clients choose to up light a room with their accent color and it really transforms the room and makes it look like YOUR room.




photoThe other is a plain household light bulb in a can like this. Sometimes you will see a flood light in a can like this as well.

You can take an opaque colored cover and place it over this light and it will shoot light four feet or so up the wall.

In my humble opinion, you want to stay away from these lights as they don’t shine light even halfway up the wall.




Here are some examples of up lighting that we have done:

              Capital City ClubCapital City Club              Biltmore BallroomsBiltmore Ballrooms

                  Park Tavern

Park Tavern

             Indian Hills CCIndian Hills CC


Up lighting is an additional service Atlanta DJ offers.



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